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International Orders

We are able to ship to most places in the world using UPS or by using your preferred method. We are not able to offer direct website ordering for international customers due to the variability in shipping charges.
(Step 1)
Figure out the product number and quantity you would like to order. If you already know or have a purchase order, skip to step 2.

(Step 2)
Email us your order or purchase order -
​Please include the following in the email / purchase order:
  • Products & Quantity
  • Delivery & Billing Address
  • Preferred Shipping Method
  • Preferred Payment Method
    • We can accept international payments via wire transfer or credit card (PayPal)
  • Shipping Account Number (optional)
  • VAT or Tax Registration Number (optional)

(Step 3)
We will send you a confirmation email the following business day with lead time, payment, and shipping details. If you choose to pay by credit card, a PayPal link will be included for payment. Purchase orders will be invoiced and billed for wire transfer.

(Step 4)
Products are shipped and tracking details are sent.
Please contact us with any questions regarding international orders.