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About Us

Syringa Lab Supplies: Excellence in Laboratory Solutions

Syringa Lab Supplies specializes in producing and distributing SeptaSecure® centrifuge tubes alongside a comprehensive range of top-tier laboratory equipment and consumables. Our commitment is to provide solutions and products that meet the rigorous demands of professionals in research, food testing, water quality, and environmental studies, as well as government and institutional organizations, with a steadfast focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.

SeptaSecure™ Brand: Committed to Quality

As the developer and manufacturer of the SeptaSecure™ Brand centrifuge tubes, we focus on delivering products that bring reliability and precision to your laboratory work. Our commitment to quality drives us to consistently offer high-standard "laboratory supplies near me" for the Idaho scientific community.

Prompt Service for Idaho Laboratories

Recognizing the importance of timeliness, we strive to dispatch in-stock items on the same business day. This commitment ensures that "Idaho labs" receive the supplies they need without delay, helping to maintain the smooth operation of your essential projects.

Accessibility and Community Focus

Serving Idaho and Beyond

Our SeptaSecure Centrifuge Tubes ship worldwide, and we welcome international clients. Please contact us for shipping, lead times, and ordering information.

Partnering for Greater Reach

Our products, which include the highly regarded SeptaSecure™ Brand, are easily accessible through our website and supply partners, such as VWR International and Fisher Scientific. This means that finding "laboratory supplies near me" is now more convenient and effortless no matter where you are in Idaho.

Your Trusted Idaho Laboratory Supplies Expert

Syringa Lab Supplies is a small business with strong ties to the Idaho community. We highly value the relationships that we build with each of our clients. Our primary focus is to be your reliable supplier of laboratory supplies in Idaho, and we are always available to assist you, whether you are setting up a new lab or updating an existing one.