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About SeptaSecure

SeptaSecure Brand Centrifuge Tubes

SeptaSecure Brand Centrifuge Tubes: Innovation and Applications


Originally developed by Sapidyne Instruments, the SeptaSecure brand of centrifuge tubes is now proudly manufactured, marketed, and distributed by Syringa Lab Supplies, a business unit founded in 2011 specifically for this purpose. This transition was aimed at enhancing focus on the unique needs of laboratory environments and ensuring specialized production and distribution.

Development of SeptaSecure Tubes

The concept for SeptaSecure Brand centrifuge tubes was conceived when Sapidyne Instruments identified a gap in the market during routine use of their KinExA autosamplers. The need for a pierceable yet robust tube led to the development of a unique solution tailored for extensive laboratory use.

Research and Development

Initial efforts focused on creating a centrifuge tube capable of being pierced by autosampler needles without losing structural integrity. The development process involved rigorous trials to determine the optimal dimensions and materials for the washer and septum, culminating in the creation of a tube with a pierceable and cross-cut septum.

Product Launch and Initial Applications

Initially integrated with KinExA instruments, the versatility of SeptaSecure tubes soon facilitated their use with various other autosamplers across different laboratories, establishing their market presence.

Broadening the Application Base

SeptaSecure tubes have found applications across several fields:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Utilized in sterile production runs using 15 ml and 50 ml centrifuge tubes.
  • Veterinary Medicine: Applied in the production of medicines using 50 ml conical tubes.
  • Environmental Testing: Assisted in contamination-free sample collection and analysis with 15 ml conical tubes.
  • Waste Treatment: Ensured sample integrity during processing with durable Falcon tubes.

Technical Advantages and Innovations

SeptaSecure tubes are designed to prevent sample contamination and minimize evaporation, ensuring sample purity and volume are maintained, whether used in Falcon or generic conical tubes.

Product Line and Variants

Offered by Syringa Lab Supplies, the SeptaSecure product line includes:

  • Corning Falcon Tubes: Renowned for their quality and reliability, these Falcon tubes are a preferred choice for many labs.
  • Jet Tubes: An economical alternative that provides quality without compromise. Available in both 15 ml and 50 ml sizes, with options for uncut or cross-cut septums.

Market and Customer Insights

The primary users of SeptaSecure tubes are research scientists in pharmaceutical and R&D labs, who rely on these tools for efficient and reliable sample handling. The product’s practicality and innovation have earned it a substantial following in the scientific community.


Syringa Lab Supplies continues to advance the legacy of SeptaSecure centrifuge tubes, enhancing scientific research capabilities and addressing the evolving needs of laboratories worldwide. The focus remains on innovation and the expansion of product offerings to meet the demands of a dynamic scientific landscape.