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50 mL SeptaSecure Uncut with Falcon Tubes


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50 mL UnCut SeptaSecure with Falcon Centrifuge Tubes, Pack of 25 (non-sterile)

Product Overview

Streamline your laboratory processes with the 50 mL Falcon Centrifuge Tubes featuring SeptaSecure caps. These innovative tubes are designed to provide superior security and convenience, making them ideal for manual and robotic lab applications.

Key Features

  • Robust, blue SeptaSecure cap with uncut, self-sealing septum
  • Precise, contamination-free access with needles
  • Leak-proof seal ensures sample integrity during storage and handling

Design and Materials

The tubes themselves are made from high-clarity, durable plastic, clearly marked with graduation lines for accurate measurements.


Ideal for biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical tasks, these tubes are indispensable for any lab needing reliable, easy-to-use solutions for fluid management and sample containment.