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50 mL SeptaSecure Cross-Cut Caps with Tubes


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50 mL SeptaSecure Centrifuge Tube Caps with Cross-Cut Silicone Septum

Your ultimate solution for convenient field and laboratory sample management. Our septa caps are designed to offer seamless access while preserving the integrity and volume of your valuable samples. Here's a breakdown of the features and benefits of this innovative product:

Robust Design

Each septum cap features a cross-cut silicone membrane, meticulously engineered to allow precise pipette and needle access. This ensures that every insertion is contamination-free and does not compromise the sample's volume or integrity. Whether in the field or the lab, these caps provide reliable performance under various conditions.

Enhanced Sample Integrity

The silicone septum is specifically designed to prevent evaporation and maintain sample integrity during handling. This is crucial for long-term experiments and when samples require transportation or storage.

Efficient Workflow

These centrifuge tubes come clearly marked with volume measurements, simplifying sample management and ensuring accuracy in your work. The easy access facilitated by the silicone septum caps enhances workflow efficiency, allowing for quick additions or extractions without disrupting the sample environment.

Versatile Application

The SeptaSecure line is perfect for a wide range of applications, from environmental sampling to complex biochemical assays. The caps' design supports multiple entries without loss of functionality, making them ideal for repetitive testing and analysis.

Contamination-Free Sampling

The cross-cut design not only allows easy access but also ensures that every sample remains free from external contaminants. This feature is essential for maintaining the purity of sensitive or critical samples, thereby enhancing the reliability of your results.

The 50 mL SeptaSecure centrifuge tube caps with their innovative silicone septa are designed to meet the demands of modern scientific research, providing a practical, efficient, and reliable solution for managing samples in any setting. Whether you're conducting field research or detailed laboratory analyses, these caps are built to support your needs, ensuring that your samples are always secure and accessible.