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15 mL SeptaSecure Uncut Caps with Falcon Tubes


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15 mL UnCut SeptaSecure Non-PTFE Caps with Falcon Centrifuge Tubes, Pack of 25 (non-sterile)

Maximize your laboratory's efficiency and sample security with our Falcon 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes, featuring innovative UnCut SeptaSecure Caps. Designed to offer an unparalleled level of safety and convenience, these tubes are essential for any rigorous scientific environment.

Key Features:

  • UnCut SeptaSecure Caps: These caps incorporate a novel septum design that allows for repeated needle penetrations without the need for pre-cutting, maintaining the sterility and integrity of the contents.
  • Sample Integrityt: Engineered to ensure to limit evaporation and contamination of your samples.
  • Clear Measurement Markings: Graduated markings are clearly visible for precise volume assessments.


Ideal for environmental samples, biochemistry, and other research applications, the Falcon 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes with UnCut SeptaSecure Caps are perfect for handling sensitive materials that require frequent access yet demand contamination-free conditions.