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15 mL SeptaSecure Uncut - Caps Only


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15 mL SeptaSecure Uncut - Centrifuge Caps Only, Pack of 25 (non-sterile)

Product Overview

Ensure the utmost efficiency and convenience in your workflow with our SeptaSecure 15 mL Centrifuge Tube Caps with Uncut a silicon septum cap. Our septa caps are designed to maintain sample integrity and consistency by preventing evaporation.

Key Features

  • Uncut white silicone septa for precise, contamination-free access
  • Prevents evaporation to maintain sample integrity
  • Provides a confident seal for storage, handling, or analysis


Suitable for various uses from clinical to research settings, these caps are essential for any lab needing reliable, high-quality sample handling solutions. Popular for use with robotic samplers.