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15 mL SeptaSecure Cross-Cut Caps with Falcon Tubes


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15 mL Cross Cut SeptaSecure non-ptfe septa caps with Falcon Centrifuge Tubes, Pack of 25 (non-sterile)

Product Overview

Introducing the Falcon 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes with SeptaSecure caps. This pack of 25 non-sterile Falcon Tubes is perfectly sized for smaller volume requirements and offers the same innovative features as its larger counterparts.

Key Features

  • Blue SeptaSecure cap with cross-cut septum
  • Ideal for pipets, needles, and tubing
  • Chemical-resistant silicon septa for repeated access

Design and Materials

These caps utilize a chemical-resistant, cross-cut, silicon septa for repeated access while minimizing contamination risks. The tubes are made from clear, durable plastic, accurately marked with graduations for precise volume assessments.


Whether for sample storage, fluid handling, or waste management, these 15 mL Falcon Tubes ensure reliable performance and versatility in various lab applications.